Saturday, October 31, 2009

You have it so much better than others.

A few days ago, I was talking to one of my friends [he will be nameless], and over the summer, we would talk a lot about school and our new goals for the school year. After checking up on how he was doing so far into the school year, I was once again dissapointed in him. Now, I'm not dissapointed in people that try their best and still don't get the results they work for. But with my friend, it was a different case. He didn't ever do good in school, didn't care to focus on his priorities, and felt hopeless, because of the fact he was lazy. These days, kids just don't get it. There are kids that just don't care about school, because they feel as if they'll still get somewhere even if they don't graduate high school. They think they'll be able to straighten their act whenever they feel like it.


We're so selfish. The students [especially kids in America] don't know how lucky they are to go to school. They are not thankful for being able to go to school for free, and have the privilege of attending clubs, and joining sports that their schools provided for the students.

You see.... every single day, students are provided with opportunities. With all this time we have in high school, all we ever do is complain about what we can't do, what we have to do, and what we don't have. Just stop complaining. Stop being so lazy.

You really don't know how good you have it. I wish kids could get it through their head that anyone can get good grades, and achieve things they wanted to do. Sometimes, success seems like an impossible thing for some, but those individuals are the ones that have never really tried their best in anything.

It's easy to realize your flaws, what you need to fix and improve on, and your dissapointments. But it's hard to actually put in your effort, and be consistent in what you do. I wish students in America could stop being so selfish. If you think about it, all we ever do is whine, complain, rant, and resent our teachers for giving so much work and stress onto our shoulders.

But did you ever think about yourself at a national scale? Have you ever thought about the kids in third world countries, who do whatever they can on the streets to earn money, just so they can afford enough money for school? And have you ever thought about those students in Asia who get 2 hours of sleep, going to school on saturdays, staying at school until 10 PM to study, and yet... they STILL cannot get into the college they want? Have you ever thought about anyone else but yourself?

We all need to realize, there are millions of kids who want what we have. There are so many people that work harder than us, that would do ANYTHING to be in our place. To go to school, get help from teachers, make new friends, carry simple binders and pencils around, and use lockers to store all our supplies. We complain about all the work we have to do in one night, when really.... if we did our best to productively use our time, we could've been on top of things much more.

It's sad to see potential going to waste, as kids just skip school, cheat on school work, and have this "I don't care, I'm just going to play in life" kind of attitude. Although I sound extremely blunt in this blog, I'm going to be straight forward with those kind of people right here:

You aren't going to succeed, in fact... you are never going to make it anywhere if you just lay around and sit there. Out of all the times in your life, this will be one the only time when people say no to you and constantly remind you of your failures, and never will you be able to say YES back to anything. This is the one time where you will have to face your mistakes, and do something about it. You're dealing with your own future. This is your life. Wake up, and face reality. You can't escape this time. And once you start to escape, all the things you ignored will continue to add up for you to finish in the end.

My point is, whether you are an average student, a slacker, or a hardworking kid, we should always be thankful for what we have.

All people ever do is talk about how thankful we should be and how good we have it, when really... we don't give a care about the world. When really, we're just expected to be appreciative and never really know what others are going through.

Seriously, if the kid in Asia who worked 10 times harder than you came to America, THEY would have their college application accepted, and not you. THEY would be the one to finish their homework, find time to do things, and not complain.

If you think you need motivation, an extra push, more opportunities, and support, think again.

Other kids are alone, and they are independent with what they do. They support themselves, and sacrifice everything for their future. They don't get any sleep, they risk their health, study all day for entry exams, and yet..... all their hardwork is still not enough to get into a mediocre college in their country. Students in Asia are so competitive with their academics, if they aren't the top 1 in their class, they are bound to not get anywhere.

If you think YOU are living in a competitive environment, you have not looked at the big picture.

We have no right to slack or complain. Opportunities await for you everyday. You just need to search for them yourself. And people need to quit being so lenient on themselves. There are people who are already thinking of not graduating high school, but still thinking of going to special schools where they train people for jobs. Those individuals have already gave up on themselves. They've already planned to go for less.

That my friend..... is so unfair. Just because doing good is hard. Just because it seems too late to try in school or even get a decent grade.

Well, good things in life aren't easy to achieve. You earn your way through, and if you continue to just ignore what your teachers and peers tell you to do, you won't get anywhere.

we are never grateful enough for what we have. we always want more or less of something.

we just don't realize how lucky we are, and in order to show our appreciation, we should at least do our best not just for ourselves, but for all those students out there that yearn to go school, to know what it feels like to have homework, and to have a bright future.

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