Monday, November 9, 2009

3 years.

When I look back to the years in middle school, it amazes me that I have already reached my second year of high school. Being called a "sophomore" just doesn't sound like me. I feel like I'm still in my old body as a 7th grader.

I remember being in 6th grade, looking at middle school students that came to visit their elementary school teachers. I remember thinking how mature and "cool" they looked. Then came middle school. as 7th grade passed and 8th grade came, everything went by so fast.

As I entered high school as a freshman, one part of me felt so old yet another part of me felt so young because I was a "freshman" - the youngest part of the group in high school. Now, here I am a sophomore. This is my last year as an underclassman. My last year to have the freedom I want to be immature, freedom from having to think about scholarships, psat's, sat's, and the final direction I'll be taking to pursue my career.

I feel nothing, just nothing at all. I don't feel any older, and I wish time could have a huge effect on me, so I could be more motivated each year.

Although it is only the beginning of the school year, I'm deeply grieved to know that everyone will be parting to follow their individual path. Whether it be running start, IB, tech. academy, or regular.... I wish the best of luck to all of you guys.

Because this year is the last year for everyone to be together as tech. family and for everyone to be an underclassman, I've decided to make this year the best. With all this time I've got, I should at least make memories, new friends, work hard, be productive, and use my potential to the fullest capacity. As a sophomore now, I have visions. I have goals. and I have dreams of the future. I've already thought and stressed enough of what I want to do and how to manage my priorities for next year and the year after that.

This year is something I want to make memorable. I want to really appreciate my teachers, be friendly to everyone, and do my best in everything I can so I return to KM as a junior next year with no regrets.

I just wanted to say, I'm going to miss you guys all. Really. Each and everyone of you. The tech. academy will forever be one of the main things I will remember from high school. It has taught me so much from learning how to standby a computer [YES, I wasn't much of a tech. geek back in 7th grade] to collaborating with my classmates with no limitations to educational resources because of my personal laptop. Thank you so much, everyone.

I admit I'm very sad about everyone parting, but I believe this is where our life will finally start to open up. When we make decisions for our future, we can't let anyone or anything stand in our way, and that includes your friends. Because of this mind-set I was taught to live by, I know I will not be afraid to approach foreign things by myself, because I know that if I really want to succeed, I have to accomplish things independently. Even though I can picture myself struggling and stressing at times, I believe in myself. And... I think having confidence and self-esteem are major components in being happy and succeeding. The reason I'm confident that I will be able to ge through things is because of my motivation. I don't remember a time where I gave up on something that I really wanted to do with all my heart, because I knew if I tried my best, I would reach the finish line. And regardless of the struggles and tough times I encountered, that one line I constantly reminded myself is what got me to reach my goals. From looking back to my life, I know that I've had a few valuable lessons to learn from. And those lessons are also what give me confidence and strong belief in the decisions and directions I take.

I know I am not perfect, but as long as I try my best with a righteous mind-set, I know my hard work will pay off. I'm ready, and willing to face all things with a positive approach.

I've realized it doesn't matter if you don't want to do something. It doesn't matter if you suck, fail, or fall behind. No one is going to care, or get out of their way to help you. This doesn't only apply to high school, but to life in general. When you fall behind, you pick yourself up and continue alone. Having friends, turning to a hand, crying on a shoulder, and receiving encouragement is a privilege. The rest is up to you. Your results of approaching something totally by yourself is the performance of how you will do in life when you're all by yourself.

It is now that I realize that one year leads after to another. Although that is such an obvious thing to consider, I never really took the time to understand or accept those words. Now that I'm older and finally managing my time more, I've began to see how fast time goes, and how much you can do in so little time.

So guys, let's make the best of the 3 years that are remaining in high school. Next year, I know a lot things are going to change, but I'll always remember and think of everyone.

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Tyler Walker said...

Read the whole thing, loved it! We think very much alike.