Tuesday, November 17, 2009


my head has been hurting for a couple weeks. And I've been sick on and off for about 2 weeks. My condition changes from good to bad, and I struggle to not let my sickness effect my focus on schoolwork.

Currently, everything is going good. Projects are all planned. On top of things. My group members in all classes are responsible, hard working, willing to listen/accept other people's opinions, and we all know what we're supposed to do.

I don't think I've ever felt so relieved and productive with a group before. I'm so glad we were able to choose our groups this time in Drake's class. Everyone is respectful, hard working, thoughtful, and active in group discussions. We actually get somewhere in our work. This is probably one of the first times I've actually felt like I didn't have to do all the work by myself in a big project. I know that teachers put certain people in groups because they want to balance everything out, but throughout my stay in high school, I don't remember a time where all my group members took my words seriously, following the schedule I designed for them. I always ended up doing all the work by myself because people were lazy to do their part, or because they turned in lacking, unfinished work that I couldn't allow to slide by.

But even though we didn't get to choose groups in Fisher's class, our group is over halfway done with the project as of today. Done with the website, halfway done with the scratch, and we're going to start the commercial today. I'm glad in Fisher's class, I have people who are willing to do their work, and listen to what I have to say. I'm glad my team members actually read my emails I send out, and do the homework I assign for them. Because everyone cooperates, I don't have to make extra time to get my members to listen to me, or waste time giving them a major lecture about their contribution.

Anyways, enough of the subject of projects. Well, lately, I've been having to stay up later than usual on school nights to be on top of things, but it definitely pays off because I'm ahead of everyone else in my schoolwork, and I have less homework the next day.

I'm so tired, and unfortunately, I won't be having "late arrival" tomorrow, since I have to get to school by 8:45 ish AM to rehearse in the PAC with my piano teacher for an upcoming competition. Yeah.... not being able to sleep in especially on a late arrival day is bad timing, but what can you do? Anyways, the grand piano in the PAC has a certain sound to it, that is excellent training for all pianists to practice on.

my toes and fingers are freeezing right now! why is it so cold?

I still have some other things to do. Well, nights everyone. Have fun sleeping in.

Quarter ends in 2 days, the 19th.

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