Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A lot of things - A good guide for those who are lost.

I understand.

I understand when you're trapped, confused, and feeling weak.

I understand what it feels like to feel so small, and useless compared to others.

I understand the pressure. The stress. The tears, the anger, and the burning determination.

I am a student. I have understood what it means to be in high school.

For those who are lost, not knowing what to do in life.... thinking about why you aren't capable to do certain things and complaining about your problems isn't going to help you at all. What's really going to help you out is figuring what you need to change, and how you're going to get there. Everyday, the same people are always talking and excitedly planning about what they want to do for their future, when in the end they suffer and become non-committed.

You see, it's about planning. It's about being mature in keeping a promise to yourself, without allowing your temptations to get a hold of you. Don't be lenient on yourself, yet don't greedily overload yourself.

As I look around in a room full of classmates, I am aware that every now and then, people see me as some sort of "music prodigy" or some kind of role-model that is talented. But to tell you the truth, I'm not as talented or musically inclined, really. I'm not being humble or modest about what I just said. A lot of peers say that I'm bad at taking compliments, and that I'm humble.... but the truth is, I'm not. You need to realize, I'm not someone that is significantly talented in a circle of semi-pro musicians. Neither am I "talented" when I think about myself at a national scale. Sure, depending on the environment and the people that are there, I could stand out a little, but if you were to look at the big picture.... I'm just another student that's doing what's expected of them - working hard.

But you know what?

I accept that. I accept who I am, but that doesn't mean I stop there. I can still do something about it. I can still improve, do better, and get where I want to be if I work hard. And just because I accept my flaws, failures, and dissapointments doesn't mean I lack confidence. Acceptance is something that is so hard for certain people to understand, but it's all apart of maturity.

You see, I am who I am today, because of the effort I put into the things I wanted to work hard in. And maybe, I'm just not doing my best, or trying hard enough, because deep inside I know I can do better. Yeah.... Im' not always proud of what I do and my results, but that pushes me to do more.

I understand that every now and then, when there's a super star in the school that is able to do anything and everything with excellence, it can bring jealousy and even motivation. But sometimes, whatever drives you to do more and better... can come out in the worst ways.

Whether it be anxiety, fear, jealousy, or burning motivation, we always need to be patient and think over what our priorities are. Figuring out our personal strengths and qualities of ourself is the always the first thing we need to think about, before we join a club or get involved in an activity.

So many people in my classes, in Kent Meridian High school, and in this nation do not know what it means to really succeed, nor do they realize what colleges really seek. I'm not saying that I know everything about colleges and I have nothing to worry about, because in actuality, I'm no better than anyone. I have plenty of weaknesses and things I have to improve on. I have plenty of incapabilities, and things I do not know.

But people need to realize that they can't always base their actions from their feelings... even motivation. Because everything needs planning, and thinking.

If you're going to a big name college... THINK. think why you want to go to that college. What's so good about that college anyways? What's are the specific needs you want from that college? What's the personality of that college? Do you work better in smaller or bigger learning communities, and does the college you want to apply for satisfy you with the amount of students and teacher-student relationship? Are you sure you'll get the best out of your future there? Are you sure they provide the best education even when Ivy league colleges these days are all about the names?

You see..... too many people are scared. their fear and anxiety is what drives them to instantly jump to conclusions about Ivy league colleges.

To all those out there that are caught up in so much stress and "crap," I tell you, please get rid of your pride. that's very FIRST thing you do. Although stripping away your pride is something that helps someone have confidence, pride is something that blinds people's decisions in so many ways. At this point, it's time you have to be honest with yourself and think about your qualifications. It's at this very point life... where you realize who you are, and regardless of how you feel, you have to accept it. And once you accept who you are regardless of how painful it is, you move on from there and make a new promise. A promise that CAN be made - a harder working, prioritized, and more responsible you.

I wish students could get it through their heads that college admissioners already know the darn old trick that every student uses: the CAFETERIA METHOD for clubs. It's when students overload themselves with clubs, with no strong committment within each club. to be HONEST, clubs do not take a lot of time at all. They're once a week, and at the most an hour. Sure, clubs involve activities, community service, and other involvements that take up a few hours every now and then.... but really? It doesn't make a significant difference on who you are.

I'm going to be straight forward with the truth here.

Don't join a club, if the club isn't your passion. Don't even join a club just because you're going to take a leadership position in there. Because... it's really not going to make a difference on your transcript. It's the thing that your MOST passionate about that will lead you to do great things and bring change to the club, and reach out to the school and community. Colleges don't expect much from clubs, unless the individual made a significant difference within the community from the club. Otherwise, you're just another one of those average students in the nation going to a club once a week, and afterwards, going home. Big deal.

seriously, PLEASE. LISTEN. If you want to succeed, stop comparing yourself to others so negatively. You will NEVER succeed in life, if you continue on with that nasty habit. Always accept yourself for who you are, and take on the mistakes and things you wished you could change about yourself in a positive way.

And here's another big thing. I'll be straight foward. It's true - to get into a big name college, you need to be exceptionally skilled in at least one talent, and show the results through recognitions, awards, and competitions. Whether it be sports, music, debate, or etc..... you need to compete with others to see how far you can go, and how much harder you need to work. College admissioners prefer an individual that is committed to just one or two things they're exceptionally good at, instead of doing several things at a mediocre level. I'm aware that many people in high school "don't know" their personal talent they can be proud of. Honestly, although it sounds extremely corny, I'll say it anways. Everyone has a talent. Everyone has something they can be proud of. Sometimes, people are lucky and have parents that had their kids pick up on a sport or instrument at the age of 3, so they could have more experience. Some kids never heard of extracurricular activities until they stepped into their advisory class in freshman year. Of course at that stage, those kids are going to be dissapointed, feeling hopeless.

People need to realize: YOU DON'T SUCCEED by just going to an IVY league college. college is not where your life ends at all. you still got plenty of years to enjoy your life, and make the best out of it. All colleges have a specialized major or field they excell in, and it's best to get into those majors instead of just a mediocre major the college provides. Regardless of your qualifications, you have to accept yourself and realize where you can go and what you can do. Because what really matters is not about the college you can get into, but your effort and what you can contribute to the community.

No matter what.... don't ever be dissapointed about yourself. Don't you EVER.

Because all your hard work will pay off, and I promise you, your results WILL reflect the amount of effort you put into everything IF..... you base your plans and actions with RIGHTEOUS attentions and careful planning. To succeed, pride and arrogance is something that is never involved. Take away all that pride and the compliments you received your whole life. Think about yourself for once, and be honest..... who are you? What do you think of yourself? Why? and then..... how are we going to change that?

The best thing to do is never compare yourself in a negative way to others. Only focus on yourself, ALWAYS. But before you focus.... make sure that your dreams and goals are all very detailed having a reason WHY you want to do the things you do. Because when it comes to colleges, so many students just don't know the real answer to why they want to go to Harvard, or Yale. Why not a smaller college that still provides the same education as Harvard? Honestly.... do you do it for the reputation and the name? Be HONEST with yourself.

Also, never ever be cocky. A high school star is nothing compared to the nation. Even if you're the best of the best at school and in the community, you still have thousands of other students competing with you, and some of them are more harder working than you are.

so I hope this helped. i was talking to a friend about this, and that individual was the only this year that seemed to connect the same way as I did about these kinds of subjects.

Please..... before it's really too late, realize what's really going to get you somewhere. don't be selfish, greedy, blind, unrealistic, and depressed about everything.

just calm down and think about it.

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