Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woot (fyi - rushed writing on here = bad grammar, and mistakes.)

sophomore year is great.

i'm not stressed with the project... well not yet. i'm keeping to my word about being positive, and looking on the brighter side of things. As long as I stay on top of the deadlines, I won't have to procastinate or rush days before the project is due. To those who always stress out and can't manage to find time... I'm sorry but those are just excuses.

I've been there, done that, and just possibly everything. I've experienced it all.

I'm not a person with free time. Every single day throughout the day, I have a lot to do, excluding homework. I know some people work slower than others, and I can definitely say that I'm a really, really slow worker.

But, after learning from my mistakes, and continuing to train my mind to focus and work faster, I've realized that it has helped me to save a tremendous amount of time. I've learned to be productive, because in high school.... every single second counts. You could do so much in just a couple minutes. It's true. It's just about the focus and attitude.

This year, I could have ended up like every other year - being stressed in really negative ways, barely having any sleep, and constant cramming.

BUT.... I used my summer wisely to prepare and plan out my future years. Although my peers relaxed during the summer and did fun things, I shut myself out from temptations and focused on what I should work on about myself... so the school year could be easier for me.

If I never took the time to realize what I should fix about my attitude, my work ethic, my habits, and commitment.... I would have gone downhill.

I'm sorry to say, but there is always someone that is doing more than you are. There's no use in saying you have no time at all, when you seriously take the time to think about how you spend every hour after school. What do you after school when you get home? Do you turn on the TV instantly? Do you go on the internet - myspace, facebook? Couldn't you get rid of the distractions? Couldn't you just stop being so lenient on yourself?

This is something I've learned. I have an extremely good example. Logan Ellis. One of my closest KM graduate friends. We've both learned so much from one another, and I've benefited so much from being able to spend time with him during rehearsals, practices, and in orchestra. You could not imagine all the things he has to do in life. I'll list some of his involvements - school plays, college plays [@ green river], Tacoma Youth Symphony, All-Northwest Orchestra, Rosamunde String Quartet, AA degree in college, jazz band [since 8th grade], viola lessons, violin lessons, vibe lessons, solo & ensemble competitions, tennis [not in senior year], and etc! These are just a few of his involvements, and you can definitely say he has a lot to put on his transcript. All of these involvements require a ton of time, and practice. Music is only determined through practice, practice, practice. It's just about the fight for time. Logan has time to do all these things because guess what? He doesn't have a facebook. Does he have a myspace? No. Does he use chatting services every day to talk to his friends online? No. He'd rather use his precious time in wiser way.

You see... Logan Ellis still manages to function properly every single morning and be positive about everything he does because his involvements are his passion. Because he does not waste time, and takes full responsibility.... he is able to put everything together. I wouldn't mind if someone as responsible as Logan were to complain about how busy, or tired he was. But no.... I have never gotten that from him during the whole year I was with him. Why? It's because he is a leader, that sets an example for everyone. So he has to be stronger, and on top of things than anyone else.

The way to do this is by taking the first step: realizing what you need to fix, and keeping your word to that promise. And this summer... I realized that's the first thing about being mature. That's something so essential you need to apply out in the real world.

Like Logan's involvements, mine are very similar such as piano/violin competitions, jazz band, chamber orchestra, Bellevue Youth Symphony, piano lessons, violin lessons, Rosamunde String Quartet, a new orchestra quartet, golf, and several other clubs. But, I'm far from being as accomplished and as organized as Logan.

People need to see that just because you're really involved does not mean you are qualified for being a well-rounded student. You have to do what you can commit to, what you are willing to dedicate time for, what you can do your best in, and most importantly, what you love. I feel like a complainer comparing myself to Logan's schedule, but I am aware that I do not have free time in my life. But regardless of what I have to do, I still manage to put myself together, and have more sleep than last year. I still manage to have a brighter, and positive attitude this year.

I started off strong, and just liked I promised, I'll be mature about keeping to my word.

There are many good examples of responsible people. The word responsible is exemplified in so many ways, but it gets to people's head that being responsible is getting good grades. That's not very much so.

It's about how you plan to get good grades, how you work, how you use your time, and your attitude. If you procastinate to get good grades and use excuses on how busy you were..... you aren't responsible. Although everyone procastinates, there comes a time where you realize you need to stop and move on from that stage. Procastination is deadly, and will only change your attitude in the ugliest ways. Don't turn to procastination.

Logan Ellis, Kailee Wright, Joseph Lee, and etc. are all really, really good examples of responsible people. Responsible people are the ones that succeed in life. And those people are the rare individuals that are able to make a difference in the world, because only a small group of individuals can bring change. these individuals don't just "call it good" and let cockiness get to their heads. They realize that they can do more, and they're willing to do their best, so they go far. They don't take a look at how far they are compared to their peers, and just stop where they are. They do the things they do to better themselves as individuals.

Although I'm far from being a kind of person with strong characteristics as those 3 people, I'm working towards it. I won't stop, and I won't "call it good" because of what people say. I do things because I want to, because I want to do more. And I will really avoid procastination. This applies to everyone. If you're struggling with what you have to manage in high school, think about what exactly you do and what gives you the right to complain when someone has it worse than you. That's where you start.

Once again... I CANNOT emphasize this more than enough: WASTING TIME = PROCASTINATION. WATCHING TV when you could be doing HW = PROCASTINATION. Hanging out with friends when you're supposed to be working on a project = PROCASTINATION. PROCASTINATION = FAILURE.

we're in high school. figure it out, and get your act together. You aren't always going to be lucky. You can pass by with procastination in school with homework, projects, and etc. but when it comes to sports or music.... your performance definitely reflects how much you practiced. You cannot hide from your mistakes.

don't regret it over and over again, and get depressed about life. take the time to think about how the most accomplished people are able to still have a normal life, and not complain with everything they have to do.

So this is what I wanted to talk about today. another long blog... jeez.

this was just for myself, and what I learned. It helps clear my mind. If you did read this.. hope you got something out of it and i hope it helped in some way?

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LoveatFirstSight 8^] said...

My dear, dear, friend. It helped a lot. Made my day. :D

p.s. Logan's amazing. Holy snapz. And so are you, my friend.