Tuesday, October 20, 2009


so just got home a few minutes ago from the splash concert, and a late-night teriyaki meal x)


today was a good day. I'm so glad I didn't have to accompany the sound connection choir on the piano! Mr. Thompson unexpectedly gave me the music yesterday, and wanted me to play the piece by today, at the concert. Fortunately, he said "don't worry about it, I'll just play it." phew!

anyways, splash concert = pretty good. i knew this year's orchestra had some hard working freshmen, that were willing to improve. seriously. our orchestra improved a lot for a start, compared to last year. last year's orchestra improved a lot too throughout the year, but the orchestra's start this year is a little stronger. i'm excited. hopefully we keep this going, and i can still manage to keep these kids in line, guide, and help them out. The audience loved it, and totally got the whole practical jokes behind the performance. choir improved a lot too, seriously! it helps to have a big choir, by forming all the different types of choirs together. piano accompaniment by this one dude was very passionate, and relaxing as well. woot. oh and at the end of the concert, I met charlie outside because he got out of the concert from recording for royals weekly review. I had to get an interview as the concert mistress of the orchestra. MAN... I look like crap, and sound so stupid and careless on that recording. I know it's gonna be on the video because the girl said so, and we couldn't re-record. i had so many distractions. oh well... just laugh with me when you see it please.

well, i barely have hw tonight, just spanish. it's because i finished up all the english homework last night, finished last night and today's math hw yesterday, already started on the media production for fisher's project, and etc. i'm ahead on stuff. no need to stress about school work.

happy happy =)

it pays off to be productive.

well, late arrival tomorrow for everyone. but not for me. gotta get to school by 8:30 AM to meet up with my piano teacher, to rehearse the competition piece at the PAC. nervous but just a little....tiny bit pumped. my teacher just told me she was sick, but that she would still try to come tomorrow to school. man, hope she is able to come so we can rehearse. otherwise, i'm just gonna rehearse by myself at the PAC, because mr. roller and mrs. cate gave me permission.

ahaha...... i'm writing too much. i'm gonna stop right here. and i realized, that people do read my blogs. i wrote my blog posts for me to clear my thoughts or vent, and apparently a few people do get a few ideas out of them. well, i haven't checked the comments on blogs for so long, forgot they even existed.
thanks for those commenters, and i'm sorry i'm a little late on that.

see you all tomorrow. get some rest guys, and sleep in. technically, i get to sleep in 2 more hours, since i usually wake up at 5:30 AM for zero hour, but tomorrow i'm waking up at 7:30 AM for competition rehearsal.


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