Saturday, October 10, 2009

i'm in that mood for late night blogging.

i've been blogging a lot.... lately.

deep breathes.

i had a lot of those today.

today was a long day.

sometimes, i just want to lay on my bed, and wish time would turn back to the days where i was a kid.

how did I get here so fast? how could time be so cruel, without even a simple warning?

can't help but waste the seconds of my passing life, thinking about my past, and reminiscing.

can you tell me? what if my life ends, in what seems like a couple seconds?

time only seems to pass by faster, when we're finally able to understand and appreciate what we have.

why now?

i can't help but complain. I don't want to, but sometimes.... when things seem dark, you can't help but have this yearning to turn around and just give up, because it makes you feel safer.

but now, it's not an option to back out, or even stop. life's a race. we keep on going, and continue.

all I have is my music to help get rid of all the waste inside of my mind. the waste - all the troubles, stress, and worries.

I'm trapped, in doubt, and in great need of nothing but deep sleep.

i don't wish to continue on to the next day, as i drag on this kind of negative attitude. i do not wish to spread something so unpleasant to others, as they think themselves, "what's her problem?"

I wish life was easy.

i do not like to complain and show my weaknesses in such a negative way. but today,

I just didn't care.

I wanted to do what i wanted to do. but, for some reason....

it's not making me feel any better.

I just wasted a bunch of time I could have used productively. I didn't follow my schedule. i was immature.

and now, i'm one step behind.

i'm sick of preparing for tomorrow, when you're living today.

I want to just stop.

because.... right now, i just don't feel like it.

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mariposa said...

Hey! I happened upon your blog and just wanted to let you know I really like it & the thoughts you express.