Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Robbed/Tragedy on Dad's Birthday

Wow... I don't even know what to say right now. It's just so horrible, and I don't know how to react right now. I'm never going to forget this day - 12.23.08

Today was my dad's birthday December 23rd, and our family met together to have a nice dinner outside. Due to the snow, we couldn't go very far outside of kent where all the really nice restaurants were... so we decided to stick with Old Country Buffet.

We parked the car around the back of the parking lot, where it was really dark. -Lesson learned: Don't ever park where there is no light, or people around. Chances are, you're asking for danger.

Our family didn't know anything like this would happen AT ALL. We were too busy having a good time with our family, and celebrating my dad's birthday. About an hour later, we got outside and realized one of the windows of our car were totally broken. It's even more SAD & dissapointing because it had to be on my dad's birthday! Our whole family was soo excited & waiting for this day.

There was glass everywhere on the seats, and outside on the ground of the snow. It was horrible. Everyone's mood was ruined & our happy moments dispersed instantly. My dad started getting frustrated & very upset. We called the police, and they said they would "take care of it" as usual. I swear, police these days man.... they don't care, and they are so stupid. I'm sorry to say, but they aren't as prepared for anything, and aren't very responsible.

Luckily, I brought my digital camera, and I took pictures of the window, the seats, broken glass, and just about everything.

So what was stolen?
My uncle's nice 300 dollar black leather jacket was stolen inside our 4X4 Lexus vehicle. Also, our Navigator was stolen too. This is probably our 3rd navigator we bought, and our 2nd time navigator that's been stolen. In the past, one of our cars has been stolen at a park, one of our navigators were stolen right infront of our house, and today.... another navigator has been stolen, a nice leather jacket, and our car window has been damaged to the max. The robbers must've been overjoyed with the fact there was a nice leather jacket, inside of a luxury Lexus vehicle. Not to brag or anything, I'm just stating the truth. Lexus vehicles are pretty high priced, and are nice luxury cars. Even though our car was a bit old, I guess the robbers were still tempted. Eugh. But, my family's had a few experiences with robbery and other insane mischief... so we know how to handle these things calmly. My dad is the only one that can't handle these things, since he gets on FIRE when things go wrong, but so do I. I take after my dad.

The lady behind the counter told my mom that 2 young men came inside to ask if there were any shovels, so they could dig up some snow. The lady told my that they came in looking rushed, and worked up. That was strange....., and so my family assumes it was those 2 men. Also, it's always young people or teenagers that go out and steal/rob things, because they need
money. You can't really picture a lot of old aged people going out to steal or break through a stranger's car. Although it is the time where money is needed to buy each other presents during the holiday, I never people could do such a dirty thing. Even if they needed the money so badly, they didn't have to interfere into someone else's life and harm them. That's just plain stupid.

Today was supposed to be good day, and it was at first. Right now, I really don't know how I'm feeling. But I know it's best to be positive in every situation, so that's what I'll try doing. Although everyone is very upset, I feel thankful that no one got hurt or anything... because whoever robbed/broke into our car was watching us from the time we parked and got out of the car. They were planning this from the start, and had their eyes on us. That's why they stole everything so quickly, just an hour later. What's scary is that I was the last person to get out of the car, since I was so slow. I hope they don't remember how I look like..... *shiver.

Well... even though everyone is really upset, I kind of understand why people would do these things. They feel desperate, and need the money so badly. They go out and steal other people's items, even if it degrades themselves... so they can survive. But this is not a good thing at all, because people should earn their way through everything.

Anyways, the past is the past. I'm glad I hear my dad laughing in the living room. That's a good sign, because most of the time when he's mad.... you don't ever want to deal with him. It's really scary & frightening.

Overall, it's going to be hard trying to deal with all this, but life goes on. I'm just thankful that no one got hurt. As long as everyone works together, and puts a smile on their face...everything will return back to normal.

*P.S. I will try to post pictures of the car and incident later on.... after the issue is resolved.

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Alison Gail said...

Oh my gosh, Esther. I hope everything is okay. That happened to me too & I was the last one in the car as well. I'm glad no harm has come upon to your family. I would have cried if I had to experience that kind of situation before.

Sometimes good days always end up bad. That's why all people should dwell on the good things that happened that day.
(; happy birthday to your dad, estamos.