Sunday, December 7, 2008



Well, I just read Lisa's blog and it included 3 of her close friends, and I was included in there. I'm going to dedicate a blog to 4 special people, just like Lisa did in her blog. Well, first off I want to say I am truly thankful to have met these 4 individuals. They are people who actually care about what is going on in other people's lives. They're just amazing! I'm going to warn some of you guys, just because your name isn't here doesn't mean that I forgot you or that I don't care about you. I only included people that go to KM [our school] for now.

Marianne: Well, we've been through EVERYTHING. This girl is amazing, and she helps me with everything! Haha, she's always willing to help me and gives me encouragement along the way. I couldn't ever wish for a better friend. We made so many memories in 8th grade tech. academy. The funny thing was, I saw her around in school 7th grade, but I never knew her. I SWEAR she's obsessed with the color blue, because she wore blue EVERYDAY! And in the back of my mind, I would always think of her as "blue girl" before I know her! Haha, we have our corny jokes & we talk a lot! Marianne is someone I will never forget in my life. It's just IMPOSSIBLE to forget her! Hahaha, I remember when I first met her I always called her, "Mary LOU" or something totally unrelated. But she was always patient with my "short term memory" and was kind enough to correct me every time and joke about it. Man, I hope we become college roommates in the future! She is one of my bestfriends, and I can trust her in so many ways. I feel thankful to have met such a sincere, nice person like her. I love Marianne! (:

Roanne: HAHAAH. THIS GIRL makes me crack up so much! We had so many memories in 7th grade, and we're still building lots today too! We always tell each other we miss each other because she doesn't see me as much since, she quit tech. academy after 7th and 8th grade. I miss Roanne so much! Haha, I always receive texts from her, even though I'm not allowed to text! Wowww lol. Well, Roanne has been there for me through thick and thin. She's just so unique, funny, and wonderful to be with! I can just be myself with her, and I know how to have fun. Us 2 were known as "Ed & Shunzi" all throughout 7th grade, from the Disney movie the Lion King. Ed & Sunzi are the heignas in the movie, and they have really high pitched laughs. I'm serious, we have so much in common! We both laugh 24/7, and our laughs are just naturally high-pitched. Man, we had good times in 7th grade choir too. We've helped each other a lot, and given each other valuable life lessons too. I will never in my life forget her and her laugh! I love her!

Lisa: Man I love Lisa! She's helped me in OH SO many ways! Seriously. It's so funny how we're so alike, and how we always know when we are sad, giving each other advice at the perfect time! I love how Lisa always knows how to make me crack up, just from the simple things she does, which totally makes my day. Lisa and I are both in Concert Orchestra, and we always give each other little mouth/lipped talks from across the room, and she always tells me to tune! (: Haha, she's like my alarm to "tune the whole orchestra." Well, Lisa is musically talented, no joke! She can play piano SUPER well & beautifully, she also play the bass, and can play percussion. And I swear, although I've never heard her sing... I bet she is really good at singing, because she will take after her cousin PJ who is really talented in singing. Being Lisa's friend is a privilege, and I always have so much fun with her. Whether it's after school in the orchestra room, or just talking about random things, especially [D. & K. ] we always know how to be ourselves and have fun. Also, we're both in FCA which is Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Overall, she's a really cool person, seriously! Lisa, stay in the tech. academy! Don't go to Kentlake or Kentwood! Love you!

Jasmeet: hahahahaha, this girl is so silly! I remember the times we laughed in golf. Man, I feel horrible & so stupid for doing that! But she feels the same way, so it's all good (: I met Jasmeet last year at MC, and let me tell you... she's like the BEST piano student anyone can ever have! hahaah. I gave her piano lessons every morning before school last year, and she's a really fast learner! She also plays violin in our KM orchestra! She's surrounded by music in a lot of ways, and she loves it! (: You can always count on Jasmeet, and trust her word for word. I always came to her when I had to vent, or say something. She's one of my best friends! (: Hmm, Jasmeet and I have our mature/serious talks believe it or not. Although when we're together, we laugh a lot & goof off.... we talk about our future, college, life, and etc. quite often. ;DD We have big plans, and we're working hard to achieve our goals because we have places to be in the future manggg! (: I will never forget that one time before golf practice, we walked all the way to the church next to KM so we could pray. That was such an amazing moment! We got to express our feelings & allow our stress/troubles loose. Mann, I have so many memories with this girl, and I know we'll have even more as time passes by. Love youuu jasmeet!

Well yeah, these are just some of the many individuals that I keep safely tucked inside my heart. If I didn't get to you, I will soon so don't get all dissapointed!


;D said...

Ahaha ! (; i love it. Thanks. this makes so much sence. I love how we make each other smile.. It makes me happy that we are friends you know with your kiki and my day day . ahaha . (; teehee.

i love it it's ahmazing.

royal cello :) said...

:D You are sooo nice! I didn't know I was that important to you but it makes me happy to know that I help you.
I miss Roanne too!!! She always makes me laugh!
Bluegirl, lol!!! I love blue but also red, white, and black.