Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Accepting others


Hmm, will it's 11:10 PM and I don't know what I'm doing up not sleeping. I just can't seem to fall asleep, so I guess I'll write another blog. Well, I'm going to talk about accepting people based on their personalities, their belief systems, and their opinions.

Ever since I was a young child, my family raised me very religious. In fact, our whole family were religious Christians. From going to church every Sunday and sometimes even fridays, and from reading the Bible, I've been taught and grown up with different beliefs as others. It could be because others have different religions, or because others just don't believe in anything. Well, as a Christian, when you're outside of home or church.... it's hard to keep your beliefs straight when the whole world has different opinions compared to you. Sometimes, it even feels like the whole world can be against you. Often times people get offended from religious beliefs, and when you're really devoted in your religion, it's a hard task to to balance 2 things at once. But as I grew up, I realized that even though others are different and their personalities/opinions are opposite from mine, I can still maintain to keep my beliefs and not offend anyone. This has always been a difficulty for me, but I've never had any intentions to disregard anyone.

I remember what a pastor once told me, "Hate the sin, not the people." The point is that you should respect everyone as a human being, and accept them even though their actions/opinions aren't exactly the things you would do yourself.

There are tons of controversies going around in this world. Topics range from personal issues to world-effecting ones too. I have my own opinions on the issues around this world, and everyone else will have their own opinions on it too. But I've learned that people will be judgemental and ignorant when they strongly disagree with your beliefs. This doesn't make me want to argue back, but it simply taught me to understand that everyone is different, and although we have our own beliefs, we can still practice them religiously and be firm/confident in them too. When we're outside, we just have to learn how to respect one another and realize that the person next to us is just as equal as we are.

I believe this is very essential in order to survive in the world, because humans rely on one another, and it'd be no good to cause arguements just because we have different belief systems. Although the true identity of individuals will be based on their religion, it is not an impossible, but only a simple task for everyone to gather as one in society.

Some of you guys will disagree, and some will agree. But hey, what's the point of this blog for? Respect individuality even though you do not agree [with what I said]. This blog was not meant to offend anyone in all seriousness.

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