Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Holidays are forgotten.

Wow, time flies by so quickly! Almost half of the school year has passed by, and 1st semester is close to an end.

Well, I was actually dissapointed when I found out there was no school on Friday. I mean, it's great that everyone can sleep in, and have fun... but I never got to my final good byes, or "Merry Christmas!" to everyone. Once we get back to school, it'll be too late to say that... and everyone will lose their holiday spirit.

I just wanted to say, it doesn't feel like winter break has arrived. I remember every school year, I was always excited for winter break. I would count the days on the calendar, and have red hash marks canceling everyday of the month december. This year, it's different. I don't count the days before winter break like I used to. Also, I don't feel the holiday spirit.

My neighbors used to put up Christmas Lights all over their house, bushes, and everywhere! Our neighborhood was always a joy to see, filled with bright lights, and smoke coming out of the chimneys. Seems like this year is was a busy time for everyone. I no longer see the crazy christmas lights put up around the houses, and I don't see young kids making snowmen & having snow ball fights. I used to be one of them. But now, I feel to lazy to go out and play, even though the snow is beautiful.

Not even my own family has brought up the subject of Christmas. We haven't even discussed what we would do for Christmas, since all of us have been so caught up/busy with other things. Like school, extracurricular activities, competitions, and our cousin who was going back to Korea. This Christmas is definitely a different story compared to all the other years.

We have gotten a lot of snow, and the weather has officially reached it's coldest temperature in the last 20 years... but I don't feel "happy" or "joyful" that the Holidays are. I guess this gives me the opportunity to know how thankful I am, and for the these things I have. I've decided I won't ask for anything this Christmas. Honestly, I realize how spoiled I already am compared to all the less fortunate people in Africa & other nations. When I compare myself opening up presents under the tree, and a kid in Africa trying to go through the day without starving.... it gives me 2 totally different images. It makes me feel terribly guilty, and I feel like I take things for granted a lot.

Although I don't feel the holiday spirit, I'm grateful that this has given me the chance to think big, and give me awareness of everything I have.

This Holiday, I want to do something different. I want to do something I know that will make me a better person, and help others. Maybe that's why this Christmas is so different compared to the others. To make me realize how just a simple act or help can touch one person greatly just because you cared. Although it was just another day to spend helping another person, guranteed.... that special someone will never forget you in their life.

This is what I want to do for Christmas. And I ask for nothing more.

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