Saturday, November 29, 2008



Today, I went to a wedding in Snohomish County. It was held in really nice golf course, with a bunch of lakes & beautiful views. It was over an hour drive, and I had to wake up at the usual time I wake up for school, 5:15 AM. Well, my mom got me a Peppermint Mocha Twist Latte on the way. I told her that my friend Marianne told me to try it, since it was like the BEST drink in starbucks. Haha, she was right. Indeed it was! :)

Well anyways, when my mom and I arrived in the golf course's main building, I saw the bride and groom holding hands, greeting their guests. It was just such a beautiful thing to see! 2 people in love, just in a few hours becoming an official married couple.

To tell you the truth, I've always loved weddings. It's not because of the pretty decorations, the good food, or the socializing that happens with new people. It's just that when the bride walks up the isle with a huge smile on her face, I see love in the groom's eyes. He smiles at her, and his eyes are just "twinkling." Haha. And after the groom & bride say, "I do," I feel so happy to take part in one of their most unforgettable experiences that they will always treasure.

Weddings give me a lot of thought. I think about how I will be that bride someday, and how in at least 10 years I will be holding my dad's hand as I walk up the isle, looking at the groom. Time passes by so fast!

The funny thing is, the bride's name was Esther too! haha, except her last name was Choi. But she's korean like me. xD hahaha.

I love weddings. I just wanted people to know that. Sorry if this blog isn't set up very well, or if it sounds horrible. This blog is just like a journal for me to vent out my thoughts of the day. (:

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royal cello :) said...

:D Of course I am right!

I have NEVER been to a wedding (of all the things...) :(
I don't know what weddings are like but from what you say the one you went to sounds GREAT! :D