Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy/Fast Life.

Esther Yang
Period 3: English
5:55 PM

I decided to write about how people can keep up with such busy schedules from reading Joanna and Tyler's blogs. Well, high school is a busy time for everyone. Although last year in the Tech. academy, I had a lot more homework then right now, there are a lot of other things to focus on. For instance, I've joined several clubs, sports, and other after school activities.

I've never really had time to hang out with my friends, and it's been that way ever since I was a young kid. I always had violin or piano lesson, a competition to go to, church gathering, or some kind of extracurricular activity I had to attend. I missed out on some fun that a lot of kids got to do at a younge age, when I couldn't. But I don't regret that, because I believe that has been a huge part of bringing me where I am today. I know how to deal with a stressful, hectic environment confidently because I was trained to do this at a young start, and now I realize it makes things easier for me in the long run. People ask me why I have to do "everything" and some of my friends constantly tell me, "Esther, you're insane!" or "Esther, you have too much on your plate."

I know I have a lot of things going on, but I enjoy the things I do, and I want challenge myself so I can expand my limits. I want to be a well rounded student, and at the same time know how to manage my time wisely. I still live my life everyday normally and know how to have fun. It's my schedule and routines that help me get through each day. Just like Joanna said in her blog, she has a routine she follows daily. Like her, I know what's going to happen after school and I know where I'm headed, and what I need to prepare for. It not only makes things less stressful for me, but makes me feel more organized.

I have a lot of things going on but the important thing is, I love what I'm doing so nothing else matters. I am joining a few clubs: debate club which I totally love, Key Club, Young Life, and zero hour Chamber Orchestra. These are all clubs that I have an interest for, because they're related to things I enjoy. A friend of mine and I are also planning to join the Royal Herald since we both love to write, but I don't know if it's an open possibility yet.

I have several other after school activities but it would be a lot to write down here. Some of them would be violin & piano lesson, Church orchestra, Bellevue Youth Symphony, cram school for SAT prep/study sessions, competitions, and the remainder activities. Then I'm expecting to have a few young piano students later on. All of these things fall in categories of mainly church, music, and education. In addition, I'm the vice president of a business website and I'm working on a KM Video Production with a small group of high school students, that'll take us about a few months or a year. It seems really overwhelming to list all the things I take part of everyday, but my life is still enjoyable and healthy because I've learned to be more organized. High school isn't that much harder compared to middle school. I mean, I was basically as busy back then as I am now.

I don't want to stop myself here from what I have. Although I can be lazy at times, I'm excited to learn and be productive in life. As each high school year passes, I want to grow even more and expand my limits. I want to try new things, and stay commited to new discoveries & passions. Although high school is a fast life, it's also a fun experience. It's basically the time of your life, and changes you dramatically so I want to make the best of it.

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