Monday, November 17, 2008

Comparing KTA & KMTA

Esther Yang
Period 3: English

I decided to compare the KTA and the KMTA technology academies.

Well, if you haven't known, I was in the KTA since the 7th grade. The KTA stands for Kent Technology academy, which is located in Mill Creek Middle School. And obviously you guys know what KMTA stands. KTA was the first technology academy at mill creek for middle schoolers, and KMTA was made so the technology academy could continue. Anyways, the 2 major differences are the workload and the bond that everyone has with one another.

Last year, my 9th grade friends from the KMTA [now 10th graders] all told me that Tech. was going to be extremely hard, and that the work load was 2 times as much as what we had in 8th grade. That did make me nervous, because in my 2 years of middle school, we had an EXTREME amount of homework. Now I'm talking about projects, projects, and projects! The least amount of homework we had on a daily basis was about 3 projects and assignments to work on. The most work I ever had to do was in 8th grade when I had about 6 projects, a Humanities IRP, assignments from every class, and 2 tests to study for. That definitely was chaos, and I did lose a lot of sleep. It was only normal for me to go to bed late, and have very little sleep everyday.

I prepared myself like crazy over the summer to get ready for the workload, and of course get ready for high school. But after few months into 9th grade, I was so shocked on the shortage of homework I got!! I mean, I thought I'd nearly die with all this work but it was the exact opposite!

And the reason KMTA isn't giving the amount of workload than I thought it would have, is probably because the teachers shortened the homework this year. They cut ideas to new projects, assignments, and etc. because last year the students, especially the new students were failing and stressing out tremendously. This is from what I've heard from my sophomore friends that were in the tech. academy, and from my opinion based on what I see.

When it comes to school work, middle school was more strict, stressful, and harder, but high school definitely has more responsibilities and rules.

I feel really lucky and relieved that high school really isn't that hard for me, because all the new tech. kids have never had this much work before. And they are stressing & freaking out on nearly everything! It's actually pretty funny to see them like that because they would still be stressing out even more if they were in KTA. Because of the hard training I went through in middle school, it definitely is easier for me now! :)

Another difference I realize in the KMTA is that.... I barely know ANYONE in the tech. academy! And I'm not even that close with my teachers, so obviously I don't know that much about them. But of course, they remain as my most favorite teachers, that I enjoy! Anyways, there are so many new kids in the school, and I believe there are only 31 kids from the KTA that are still in this program. In KTA, the tech. academy was really close, and the KTA only allowed 90 students, not 120 students like this year. We were like family, and the teachers were really involved with the students. Especially in 7th grade, everyone knew what was basically going in each other lives, and our teachers were like part of our family. We made so many special memories together, and I'm talking about everyone! No one was hesitant to talk to each other, and we had this mutual care for one another. Together as a whole KTA, we also made websites and got together to help saves lives in Africa from Malaria by donating/selling mosquito nets, and make a difference around the world with our technology. This was a year long on-going project, and it was called Nothing But Nets. We made podcasts, and put pieces of writing, blogs, games, and etc. all made by our own students, put onto our very own website. Our website was called: Unfortunately, the site has been removed because we have not worked on it since 7th grade. Well anyways, in the KMTA, I feel like no one feels the need to bond with one another and all they need to do is get through the school day and finish their homework. I know not everyone is like that, but just the KMTA community seems very dry and empty to me now. I'm not saying we HAVE to bond, but I just don't know anyone. I'm scared that I'll still be calling a girl named Nelly "Hey you" or "You with the blond hair" at the end of the year.

But overall, both tech. academies are GREAT! I love them both, and I know the advantages and benefits I have being in the tech. academy! I'm looking forward to another great year.

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