Monday, October 27, 2008

My Future Career

Esther Yang
Period 3: English
7:13 PM

My parents have always told me to "prepare for my future." I never took the time to understand what they said, but instead I'd just nodd away and push aside something so important. Now that I'm in high school, this is something I really regret doing. I should've listened to my parents, and planned this out before. Although I don't have an exact career of what I want to be, I have a basic idea of what I want to do.

I'm still discovering new things as I grow, but for now, I believe my main passions revolve around liberal arts, music, and helping other people/making differences. Ever since I was a young child, I loved to write. During my free time, I would write, write, and write. It was just something I loved to do. I also loved to learn about literature [such as Shakespeare], human behavior, philosophy, changes that have formed history, world news, politics, and etc. In addition, growing up, I was surrounded by music constantly. My parents and their past family members were strongly involved in music, being capable to play several instruments. It's been about 6-7 years I've played the violin, and 3-4 years I've played the piano. I can play other instruments as well such as the saxaphone, clarinet, and the electric guitar, but those 2 are my main. And, I don't know if I'm exactly "talented" in this area, but I love to sing. Whenever I sing, I feel so happy and filled with warmth. Lastly, I've always loved to help people and make differences in peoples lives. Whether it was giving simple advice, or saving a single life in Africa, I've enjoyed every single moment to help people around this world. Soup kitchens, volunteer service, donating money to homeless people in downtown seattle, or whatever.... passing on kindness and giving a hand to others is something I believe will make the world a better place.

Who knows exactly what I'll be when I grow up. I'm thinking of becoming some kind of teacher/professor that specializes in liberal arts. I don't care about the salary or money you earn. I just want to see myself in 10 years, living "rich" in happiness and enjoying what I'm doing. Honestly, I don't know if my parents would want me to be a teacher out of all the other high-paying professions there are. But I always thought it'd be great to meet different students from different types of backgrounds, life styles, personalities, and etc. I would want to learn about them, and bond with them, then at the same time giving them a hand in education, their future, their life, and passing on my knowledge to them. I want to be a teacher that can help kids succeed in life, and remember me as someone that helped them out in hard times, understood them, and made a difference in their lives. I can see myself as a teacher, telling funny stories, encouraging my students to make the world a better place whether it's inside a school building, community, or the world.

I believe every individual was brought here for a special purpose. Everyone is different, and has their own unique passion/talent in which they can help make a difference. I believe this is why I'm here.


raygirl_13 said...

Good job!

royal cello :) said...

I know it is hard to decide what you want to do for a career and life in general.

You always write so much. ;)