Monday, October 20, 2008

Time passes by so quickly

Esther Yang
Period 3: English
10:15 PM

School seemed to end so quickly today. For some reason, I felt like I was only at school for 2 periods. It was pretty strange, and as I was thinking about this, all of a sudden my middle school memories just crashed down on me. As I reflected upon all the good memories and fun times I had, I realized that time flies by unbelievably fast! It just felt like yesterday I was entering the doors of Mill Creek ready to be an 8th grader. But the truth is, I'm already a freshman in high school!

I just wanted to write down all the good times I had in middle school. Those were the golden days. It was the start of growing up, and getting the feel of what reality was, but so many good things followed along with it. If I could choose my best year of school, I would definitely say 7th grade.

I remember me pushing past the heavy doors of Mill Creek, scared, looking like a scrawny little sevie, being pushed by the 8th graders as they strolled the hallways confidently. I remember I was the only kid from my elementary school to make it into the KTA, so I was really nervous about meeting new people.

Although I was really scared at first, I realized that I could've never been to any school greater than this. The KTA was an amazing experience for me and everyone. It was a small learning community, the teachers were so supporting and inspirational. Everyone was there for one another, and we basically knew what was going on each other's lives.

It was hard trying to adjust from elementary to middle school. We had a bigger work load than the average middle school student, but the bond we had with our teachers made up for it. Words cannot describe how close my 3 KTA teachers and I were. Mr. Romine, Ms. Gordon, and Mr. Riddell all changed my life in a huge way. They gave me the confidence and determination to fight after what I wanted, and to never give up. And I remember how my parents basically planned out a "korean banquet" for the KTA teachers, my friends, and I during lunch. My mom cooked all the food, and there was barbecue, noodles, vegetables, kimchi, rice, dumplings, and many other side-dishes. It was like a tradition that we expected every year.

Mr. Romine & Ms. Gordon were the main ones that always picked on me during class and joked around with me. It was just a first for me to be close with school teachers. In elementary school, I usually just talked with my friends like everyone else, but I was never really close to the teachers. I also remember the times where I would talk on msn with Ms. Gordon or Mr. Romine about random things and school after I finished my homework. I always told them how much they meant to me, and how they were the best teachers I ever had! I remember Ms. Gordon always telling me to stop, because she was crying and felt so touched! Hahaha. Basically, my middle school teachers were like my 2nd parents. Believe me, I love my parents to death and they give me a lot of support and encouragement. They're my role-models and inspiration in life. But it just felt good to have people other than my family to care for me outside of home.

What's funny is that my parents and my 7th grade teachers were pretty close. My parents were really touched to see how much teachers could do for their students. They saw the passion to make a difference in one's life in all of my teachers.

I'm so glad to have met such wonderful people, and to make unforgettable memories. I believe it is the people that are a huge part of my life, and the good times that are remembered that keeps me strong.

I'm so thankful from the bottom of my heart to have gone to KTA for my middle school years!
I hope every school year will be better and better, and I hope to not only bond with my teachers & friends, but to gain a lot of lessons and values that'll help me tremendously later on in life.


royal cello :) said...

I know I miss those days.
Hey, what about the 8th grade days??? The leaf, Ms. Piehl........

PS: Awesome blog!

Royals said...

I know this blog is super "wordy!" I just poured everything out from my mind, so it might sound really messy & disorganized.

Forgive me. Haha.

Walker said...

If I emotions I would've cried :). I completly remember everything just as you describe it. Only one from my elementary, walking the halls... I am going back there to teach the 8th graders VisFest... You should tagalong with me!