Monday, October 13, 2008

What Family means

Esther Yang
Period 3: English
8:43 PM

Today, during the whole day my mind was continally in a "deep-thinking mode." As I pondered through the subjects I wanted to talk about for my blog, I decided to talk about how you can always trust your family. So go ahead and read, and comment on what you think! Also, don't take my words too closely to the heart, since again.... I was in very "deep-thinking" mode today.

One lesson I learned is that, you can't trust anyone in this world except your family. Not your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or anyone else regardless of the fact that you've known them "all your life." I learned this the hard way.

People will come and go, and eventually forget about your existence. They have their own life, and paths to step into. They have their own future to worry about, and they're not going to take the effort to make you part of their lives 20 years from now. But, they can remember you in the depths of their heart as they live their lives. As part of growing up, over time, as I experienced hardships and lessons... I realized the only place you can turn to all the time is your family. I know that line right there sounded corny, and stupid, but it's truth.

Ever wonder why everyone always say family comes first, but never treat their parents and siblings with the same respect as they give to their friends? I just don't get it. Isn't what's first your best resource? Isn't what's first your most trustful resource? The word family has a special meaning to it, and it's so valuable. Nowadays, everyone just throws the word "family" around like it's nothing. Except, it's just so much more than that. You see, no one will care about what you did in your life. No one will care about the time in 5th grade when you got 1st place in a Spelling bee. And no one's going to remember when you graduated college, what year, what day, and what time. And no one's going to take the effort to describe all the details of how happy you were in that special moment. Only your family can do that. Whether your family seems like a hassle to deal with, I don't think people will ever know the amount of love a family is willing to provide.

So I learned that outside in this world, you just got to put a smile on your face, and live your life because people won't give a care. Your friends may comfort you and say they will, but they aren't you. They don't know the amount of pain or happiness you've dealt, at a certain minute, time, or year. It may seem different now, but once you step into reality… it's a different place.

Although these last 4 paragraphs sound so cold and straight-forward, it's the truth. You can't trust anyone, even if the words from your best friend have reminded you that you can always trust them. To some individuals, it may sound like the whole population of the world is filled with fakes, and liars. But that is not the truth. That is not my point. My point is… you can still maintain your truth, and live your life but you shouldn't trust anyone else sincerely before your family… because it is only guaranteed they will be the first to be there in times of depression and heavy moments.

People have many sides of them, but the main you can find in anyone is how they are like inside their homes, and how they're like out in the public. It won't benefit you in any way if you're a happy, positive person to your friends, teachers, and loved ones outside, when at home you're ignorant and selfish to the people that have you loved before you were even born. Although I, myself have not always formed my actions based on these beliefs… I know the common knowledge of "family first" and then friends. And I'm willing to make the effort to turn these actions into habits.

Overall, I have learned that everywhere you turn, there will always be people that are warm, nice, and willing to be your friend when you're new to a certain area. But You got to keep in mind, no matter how nice, no matter how hospitable the sincere seem…. Wherever you turn and whatever path you choose…. Your family will always be the first support you.

Definition of family: All the members of a household under one roof.

Definition of trust: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.


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