Tuesday, March 30, 2010

train of thoughts

1. listening to Hey, Soul Sister by Train. (love them. I also love the Kollaboration version of it.)
2. I got home 20 some minutes ago (10:20 ish), from the National Honor Society Senior Prom Community Service Event. I loved it. It was so sweet, beautiful, and warmed my heart. I haven't felt so warm in a while.
3. I'm done with my nhs hours, finally.
4. Alison Baluca: You're such a sweet, funny, and uplifting person. You have so much passion and care for everything you work so hard. You pour your heart and soul into the things you work for and want so badly. I know encouraging words seem to fade away after the heavy weight starts to crush you and make you feel hopeless, but don't let yourself fall for that. Think of the honest words that specific people tell you, when you ask for help. Be strong, and stronger every time. And to do that, you have to do something very hard - whole-heartedly accept the situation, and look at the bright side, and have confidence in yourself. No matter how hopeless, lost, confused, angry, impatient, and sad you feel, remember... it's all on you. You can be happy in any situation. You just got to be stronger, and pull yourself together to look on the bright side of things. You can do it. I know next year is going to be very, very different for you - in a lot of good ways. This year might have been rough, but looking back, you're going to learn so much from it all and help others who were in the same situation as you. Alison, don't ever give up. You have so much hunger to do good, and all that work you've been doing will pay off. hard work always amounts to something, and we just go to be patiently waiting for it, and continue working. You're going to be amazing. You have such a sweet heart. You'll get to places. You're going to get out of this stressful cycle, and believe me when you do, you'll be so amazing. You have so much potential. So much yearning to do good, and that's what's going to get you where you want! People deserve to know how hard of a worker you are. So to those who read this blog, just keep in mind how hard this girl works. She's very meticulous, and careful on everything. She deserves a lot.
5. The Jackson Five is an amazing band.
6. I like positive, uplifting people. Doesn't everyone? Makes you laugh, when they're around.
6. I'm starting to have more patience with Fisher. You know, she's human and we have to understand that she has good intentions too.
7. Today was so much fun - thanks to the amazing senior prom event. I felt all warm and fuzzy. I laughed and talked so much. Great bonding moments, with strangers, and distant friends. I love Cheryl, she has such an innocent, pure heart. I have a lot of respect for her, especially in this generation of teenagers.
8. Christmas songs make me feel so happy, yet mellow and sad. it's like a sad, romantic ballad almost. Aren't Christmas songs supposed to make you feel happy and all jolly? well, some of Jackson Five's Christmas songs are addicting for me. Don't know why.
9. What's so hilarious: 5th period cwi today. HAHA, i'm sorry but I literally LOL'd there. My Group (option 1) consumed the whole period, because so many people had questions to ask us. To be honest, I'm just doing my job to support and back up my option, but it's too simple of a position to the point where there are so many opposing arguments that can be made. Demolishing terrorism and using immediate force.... i mean, personally, (with no feelings attached to my position), I would have NOT agreed. I totally understand the opposing groups, but what's required for a project, is what's required. I'm just doing my job, and it wasn't the easy thing to do, but oh well. Mock Trial did help a lot though. What a use, finally. I appreciated Jashanpreet's involvement within the presentation. I was surprised. I guess all that pushing and (yelling) at him did pay off.... haha. But, Jashan shouldn't have said unecessary details just to reply or make people laugh. Oh well, what's done is done. Now I'm just curious about my individual part. and, I want to add - people are disrespectful. when someone is up to present, it's not nice to scoff and look down on others when they worked hard to support something that they don't whole-heartedly agree with. I wasn't planning to go easy on other groups from the beginning anyways. Let's see what's in store for all of us then, shall we?
10. God bless you all.

Off to do homework, and again another late night. See you all tomorrow.

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