Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet talk and understanding isn't always what's best.

A side of me most people haven't seen is my impatient, abrasive, and demanding side. when it comes to being serious, it's about dealing the with my priorities, the things i love to do, or things that are most important to me.

when it comes to those things, i'm serious. and i don't "do emotion" and i get competitive when i need to. i'm not always the understanding, patient, sweet talker.

in life, there are many times where you have collaborate, join, and work with people. and out all people, when people like these teammates get in the way of the things i'm trying to accomplish, i have no choice but to simply cold-heartedly push them. i have no tolerance or patience to deal with excuses, lies, repetitive exaggerations, and stretched explanations. i don't care about the problem. give me the solution.

i'm sorry but i don't have pity on people. if you want me to treat you equally, so be it. i will, and i give you my word on that. i don't have pity or extra understanding on your situation, and why is that? because you want me to treat you equally, as i do for everyone else. you are no hospital patient, so get the job done.

if the people i work with get in the way of my life, they won't be standing there too long. i'll make them run up hills, mountains, and tortuous roads so that way they don't have to be the same, lazy old bum next time. i really don't like wasting my time trying to get people to cooperate and settle down but i guess every team that wants to be successul has to go through such things at the beginning. I'd rather use my time get my work done with people. it's not rocket science. it's called being responsible. and obviously for some, that's very hard.

I don't care if people don't like the work I give them. I don't care if they're stressed out by a little homework they're supposed to do. I could care less about their excuses. you know why? Because they're not the only ones. I'm human, and I go through tough times too. I have struggles and hard times, but I don't waste time complaining and telling everyone about my problems? No. and why is that? Because face it, 10 years from now, those people aren't going to remember your problems after marriage, after children, and an occupation. They won't have the time to take care of you or even care about you, but their family. Some might even stray away or try to get closer to you based on the car you drive, the house you buy, and your income. if you're poor and homeless, some of them won't even take the time to get to reconnect with you and they'll ignore you. People just move on and change, because you're bound to go forward. And that's cruel I know but guess what, things like that happen. And why? Because that's life. Crazy things happen, anything goes. The world wasn't meant to be cruel, but weird just things happen because of careless people.

Oh, I'm sorry for hurting people's feelings for being a robot, but sometimes, you just gotta deal with knowing how to focus and work hard. If that's a difficulty for some, then that's definitely a concern. When it comes to dealing with people that are not as cooperative, i have responsibility over them as well. so either you're under my rules, or you're out. in this case, it's not easier said. instead, it's as simple to do as i say it.

ENOUGH of the lies and fake words saying you're better than what you've presented, that you usually aren't like this, or that you've been going through a lot of things - the fact that you're way more capable of greater things. If you know you can do better, than show me. prove it to me. sometimes, actions prove more than words. I don't trust easily, and that means I can cut people off easily as well. If you don't do your part or show me, I'll do what I've got to do.

when you're in a group with me and i'm in charge, if i'm honest with you... you're either going hate me or love me. if you can deal with my early deadlines, long daily emails with a dozen highlights, lecturing and snapping, then you'll understand my good intentions for the whole team. otherwise, if you're just complaining and hating on me, good for you. there's no way you're going to get anywhere in life, or deal with the real world.. where bosses are far worse.

For certain things, i can be patient. but if you push my buttons, you'll get something you won't expect. i'm not saying i'm some brat that has evil pranks in mind to pull on people. i'm saying, you're going to realize how you made your teammates and me suffer, the hard, painful way. and that's going to be through me. people don't expect me to confront them, but when it gets unbearable, I have no trouble saying everything on my mind.

Lazy people need to be under immense training, or they need to get lost. they are given opportunities, but they toss them out the window.

you know what i learned? lazy people are ungrateful. that's what they are.

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