Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is interesting.

Random jots from today

-I finally have the time to make [gross] cupcakes tonight (for the FIRST time, first time baking sweets... sad) and bring them to school on monday, before the HSPE so everyone can enjoy monday! Haha sike. My cupcakes will probably give them food poisening. But enjoy?

-Orchestra field trip to Idaho is in May, and I'm positive it's on my piano state competition day AND the day we get back is MOTHER'S DAY! WOW. How am I going to figure that out....? I'm doomed. 2 very important dates. I have to talk to Mrs. Cate.

-I had to take several naps today = wasting time. And of course, my mom lectured me. But I just smiled and tolder her that I love her, and closed my eyes. And... she didn't do anything after that but just walk away, allowing me to sleep. Hehe : D

-The HSPE. Why is everyone making such a big deal out of it? Especially the teachers? Especially Mrs. Drake and Ms. Reed? I mean, even though it's a state test, isn't it just like the WASL? and isn't it even easier than the original WASL? It's making me think the HSPE is some kind of really hard, and big test that most kids won't be able to pass. I feel the need to study.

-Oh my gosh, it's already March 14th! 3 more months until school's over. Crazy. I'm telling you, times go by even faster when we're older, just when we're trying to enjoy things. Haha, it's because we have so much more to do, and more reponsibilities.

-I'm listening to the Glee soundtrack. Amazing. I love musicals.

-random, but I love disney. I got back into the disney soundtracks again. Mulan = one of my favorites.

-Why is everyone so depressed lately? Makes me sad. It's contagious, but I'm trying hard not to let it spread to me. :/

-Today's piano lesson went well, but towards the end, not as good as the beginning. Now I have more new pieces to work on. Great. Added hours to practice now.

-I saw JOE LEE yesterday at like a random side of a busy road waiting for a ride HAHA. I miss that dude. Hilarious. Looks the same as ever. That boy's going to Stanford. Viola principal of Tacoma Youth Symphony, Mu Alpha Teta Statistics Nation Champion, and so on.

-I'm not annoyed of anyone right now. I'm pretty sure I will be when I get to school tomorrow though.

-Oh my gosh. Hope I do good on the spanish test, that I missed thursday. heard it's easy. Thank you, God!

-PROGRESS REPORTS coming in this week. Quarter ends like what... next week? I'm going to have to work harder.

-I can't wait until the HSPE is over. I can't wait until the school year is over, so I can look forward to a productive summer vacation.

-Dressing up tomorrow. To what degree should I dress up? If I dress up, I dress up. I really don't have an in between. I'll just wear my black concert attire LOL. At least I'll look I'm dressing up for an IOP presentation instead of dolling up for school.

-And lastly....

I need to go make cupcakes now or pretty soon, because I need a good sleep tonight. A good start for sleep on monday will help ease the tiredness for the rest of the week.

Good night.


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