Sunday, February 1, 2009

House Chores.

Creative Writing Prompt # 72: Write about a task, job or chore you dislike.

She yelled at me again. I shut the door in her face and plummeted onto my bed, as I pressed the soft pillow tight against my ears to block off the endless lectures. Once again, my mom was telling me to walk the dog. To clean the dishes, to wash the clothes, and clean my room. I had enough, and I wasn't going to deal with her blabbering. Everyone in my family knew I absolutely hated doing the house chores, and they knew if I had the choice between jumping off a 100 foot cliff and doing the house chores, I'd most definitely jump off the bridge. I mean, why not have a little adventure in your life, then doing something so plain and boring? I hear my siblings behind the door, with every hit on the door BANG BANG! "Come downstairs, mom is wanting you to-" and inside, I think, "Great, not again." Everyday, I get home, do homework, and have to do the housechores. I don't think my friends or anyone could have so many things to do as much as I do. So when I get out of the house and make a family one day, I won't give my kids chores because I've been in their place. I will know how annoying and painful it is to go through such boredom. Chores are a bore.

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