Monday, February 16, 2009

Evaluation on BARBIES.

This blog post will reveal a side of me a lot of people haven't seen before. Well, I wouldn't consider it a "wild" side, but more of a post that contains my honest thoughts and opinions of my happy childhood memories. Hahaha. And don't worry, it's nothing bad. It's just a little.... strange and out of the ordinary in some ways. But you'll understand me after you finish reading this post, haha. Trust me.

We've all played with them. We can remember keeping at least one barbie doll sometime during our childhood memories, right? Well, barbie dolls have been around for a long time. Barbies are like toys for little girls [sadly even to some boys] because you can dress them up with accessories and clothes that come along the package. To young kids, it's just fun having to glam-up miniature human figures, and give make overs. Barbies come in all colors, each with styles of clothing, make up, and purpose. I mean, hasn't everyone enjoyed playing with their favorite barbie doll at the time when they were 5 years old? Come on, you have to admit it. Or to some boys, haven't you enjoyed ripping the heads off of your younger sister's barbie dolls, and see the disasterous reactions? All in all, barbies will probably remain for a very long time because so many young girls grow up playing with them during their childhood years.

Now that I've grown up, I've gotten a taste of the real world and I've turned my head away from such childish things like barbies. I just laugh at the idea of playing with barbies, and brushing their hair with a miniature plastic comb. But.... I've come to realize how barbies have really been a big part of my childhood. When I was a little girl, I remember collecting barbie dolls and giving each and everyone of them names. I remember giving turns, sleeping with Stacie & Molly [my two favorite dolls]. Those really were some good times. Although now I've lost interest in such things and it seems silly to play with barbies at the age of 15, I have to admit if I were ever given the chance to go back in time... it would be the times when I was 5 years old, sitting in a large circle with my friends and making stories with our barbie dolls. The times when my friends and I would exchange dolls, and admire how beautiful our dolls looked. Those were the days. Overall, I think I'm starting to appreciate not just barbies.... but all dolls, toys, and even video games a lot more. Why? Because they've all played a big role in everyone's childhood. So next time I go to Target and see plastic barbies in boxes, I solemnly swear that I will smile and think of all the good memories I had. I won't scoff at the miniature plastic figures and I won't say to myself, "Gosh, someone needs to grow up" because I know that everyone only has one opportunity to be a kid. And everyone has had something embarrassing or immature to hide from their childhood anyway, hahaha. GO BARBIES! Hahahhaha. [Yes believe, it SAID IT!]

*I hope I'm representing all the girls out there that have had experiences with barbies! :)


LoveatFirstSight 8^] said...

I totally agree with that dude.
Mahn I still have my stuffed animals. Ahahahaha.

ann_ngo1001 said...

I still collect them, LAWL. I have an exclusive Mattel Disney Mulan Barbie ! :O

If you looked back at the classic/vintage Barbie dolls in the 60s or 70s, THOSE WERE THE REAL BARBIE DAYS! :D
The barbies back them seemed more imaginative and sweet back then, compared to now. Back then, it was more about "imagination" and just "playing". Now, it's all about how to make Barbie the "real thing" (and talk about how sl*tty the clothes are now? XD).

Anyway I could talk about Barbies forever but I agree with you. I'll always love barbies. (:

Muckraker said...

I have a Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll in a tennis outfit and would like to estimate the value. However, I cannot find another one like it anywhere online. Any suggestions?