Sunday, February 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Marriage Evaluation.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt formed their relationship in the set of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, when Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston. Pitt & Anniston's marriage lasted from July 29th, 2000 to October 5th, 2005. As Jolie & Pitt worked on the movie together, they denied having a romantic involvement. Soon they were spotted holding hands, and flirting with each other from pictures. Later on as the public slowly found out the relationship between Pitt & Jolie and things turned out to be obvious, Pitt divorced Anniston for Jolie. Now, the new couple have 6 children together while Jennifer Anniston has been on and off in relationships, with no steady marriage.

Evaluation & Thoughts:
In my opinion, I thought Brad Pitt was so inconsiderate and immature to cheat against Jennifer Anniston. These days, people take marriage so lightly and celebrities are setting the worst examples to society. Are they even aware that young children look up to them, just from a picture on a cover magazine, or from a young artist's song they heard on the radio? It doesn't take much for people to be inspired by another individual, but it's just as easy to drop them and become dissapointed.

I have no sympathy to understand Angelina and Brad's position. If Pitt was committed to being a life-long husband and lover to Anniston, he never should've taken the marriage into consideration. What was he even thinking? And what was up with Jolie? I mean, even though Brad Pitt is attractive... he's a TAKEN man, and he's already a part of another womans' life.

What makes this couple look even more ridiculous is that they've been staying together for years, they've had kids, and are living "happily ever after." Don't they realize how they're hurting Jennifer and giving negative, nasty impression towards their fans? I literally gagged when I found out that Jolie stated that she wanted to show her first movie, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" to let her children see when and where their parents' romance began. That is absolutely ridiculous. These 2 are so selfish. I mean, couldn't Pitt have divorced for any other reason, than THIS? Or at least had an affair with some other girl than ANGELINA JOLIE?

What's even more absurd is that in an affair, there's always one person that is being the bigger, "better person" in the situation. But in this case, both of them are too caught up with their own love, and they're both the same. Same as in inconsiderate, clueless, and ignorant. Pitt had no reasonable excuse to divorce Anniston. It's not like both of them worked hard to make things work, because one person [Brad pitt] was always out of the relationship.

People these days... especially celebrities drive me off the wall. I'm not really involved nor am I that interested in celebrities and the "latest news" but THIS was something that definitely caught my attention.

I feel so bad for Jennifer Anniston. If Brad Pitt & Angelina were even human or had any good inside of them.... they should at least live their lives knowing that they're sorry, or be ashamed of their hurtful actions.

I sound harsh in this evaluation of their marriage, but this is something that I would never be able to tolerate. All in all, if I were their parents.... I would never agree to this marriage partially because it would negatively effect too many people.

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