Thursday, August 27, 2009

You're responsible for what happens to you. Only you.

Things happen for a reason. Everything does. Everything that has ever hurt, destroyed, or given you bliss…. all happens because of the decisions you’ve made. Because of the actions you formed based on your thoughts, because of the people you decided to befriend or be surrounded with. Because of the words you ever so lightly twisted. The only person you should ever blame and point fingers at…. is the one in the mirror. Yourself. That’s the very first person you start with, before you turn to others.

A few days ago at Church, I learned something… so amazing. It was like a huge hit in the head, that I really needed. I felt so refreshed and alive. I mean, I never expected to come across this kind of experience. A guest speaker that was also a pastor/missionary came as a speaker, all the way from Columbia. This man was amazing, and the moment you met eyes with him, you could sense the kindness right through him. He was one of the few people I could look in the eyes, and know how wise, warm he was. He has been blessed in countless ways because of his positive and appreciative outlook on life, and because of his faith in God.

I don’t want to go very far into details about every little thing, but I’ll go straight into the message of what I learned.

I’ve realized…. anyone can be thankful for what they have, regardless of their situation, financial and social status. But at the same time, many are blind to what they have infront of them, and become ignorant of all their blessings and gifts because they could have possibly given one a lot of resentment, unpleasant memories, and pain in their heart. BUT I’ve realized… it’s only up to YOU to take in those memories and accept the past. It’s up to YOU to want to remember what happened. You can’t blame anyone or anything for what you went through, or suffered It’s the past, move on.

If you become ignorant and just completely erase the past, the only wisdom and knowledge you have is based on the temporary things you’ve experienced. It’s only from the now, the present. You can’t claim to know or make judgements on anything or anyone if you can’t fully comprehend yourself. If you can’t accept what happened.

When you’re ignorant to whatever you’ve simply decided to slip by or erase, you put a blind fold over your eyes, sometimes without even knowing. You live your life, day by day, adding onto the ignorance and the hate.

You have to realize… things happen for a reason. You should be thankful for everything that has happened, even the most unbearable, unpleasant situations.. because it’s THOSE experiences that bring greater joy and wisdom over time.

Do not blind yourself at your own fault. Once you accept Jesus Christ into your life and realize the things you were blind to, you’re no longer the same you. Your eyes open up to a new world, and you want to do better. You want to change, you want to pass on to others the things you’ve learned, and everything that has hit your heart. You want to be the best you can, for the Lord.
There is always a time for everyone to experience their turning point. Who knows, it make take 10 years, 20 years, or you could unexpectedly encounter a miracle the next day. Who really knows. But God has a plan, he knows the time you will understand. You see, as Christians, we need to serve our everything to the Lord. we can’t erase what WE want, and take what we desire. We’re nothing compared to the Lord. We’re disciples in Christ.

If you protect your own wisdom and knowledge based on the little experiences you’ve encountered in your life, you lack in so many ways. God has things in store for us, things he wants us to learn from based on the challenges in our life. we have to accept all those things to take in everything God wants us to learn from. we simply cannot be ignorant. We cannot be shallow. We have to be acceptive. We cannot dwell on the past, because those are all blessings to us.

We need to allow ourselves to have God take authority over us, and be open minded and appreciative towards everything that will ever happen in our life. So if you have a blind fold on your eyes, or if you have not met Jesus Christ…

Please listen to me. Take a chance, and a little time to understand Jesus christ, and what he’s done to our lives. Without him, I would be nothing I would lack in so many ways. I would not be able to know what direction I should take, or what I should hold back. He is the ONE and ONLY that can be there for you, regardless of the place, and time. He’ll always be there for you. Please, put aside your ignorance and take this experience to loosen your mind…. and the see world with a new set of eyes.

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walikeheke said...

we're not all accountable for what happens to us... what we CHOOSE to do with what we've been given is the key. :]