Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's never too late.

It's never too late to do the right thing, or to get back on track.

Everyone's messed up at one point in their life. In fact, we've all made mistakes, which lead to the reason why we are imperfect. We've all done something bad that we would keep to ourselves, and never let anyone know. Everyone's done something stupid, embarassing, or shameful. If we didn't, we wouldn't be people. But that doesn't mean that we should turn to the excuse that we can do whatever we want, just because life goes on - just because we're humans that make mistakes. Once you start living that kind of life style, you'll never earn your way through anything. You'll miss out on a lot of good things you could experience in a lifetime, and you won't get anywhere in life because you'll always be in the same place doing the same things, not even knowing what it feels like to improve.

A lot of people just give in to doing the same mistakes over and over again, because doing the right thing is always difficult. Because getting their act back together or making the effort to improve is something that they will have to do alone, with no one to believe or support them. It's true. Doing the right thing, what's best, and what's good for you isn't always easy. There are plenty of things you want to do with your life, just so many things that could easily be accessed and give pleasure, so why would you want to do the the right thing out of all choices - especially when you don't want to? Why would you want to waste time on something that would stress you out, and only make things harder for you? and why would you even waste time thinking about all those things, when no one is going to believe in you? When no one is going to have faith in you, and only put you down as they yell at you, make rude remarks, and show little interest in what you do?

It's always people who have that kind of negative mind-set and make those kinds of choices, that regret their past in the future, doing one of the things they avoided the most: wasting time on things they wouldn't want to do. They waste their time dwelling on the past, just thinking, "I should've, I could've, I wish I did this," when it's already carved in stone.

What people don't realize is, that there's always a way out of everything. There always is, regardless of how dark things may appear. If there wasn't a way out of things, there would be no such thing as hope, hard work, or success. We wouldn't call it life.

There's always going to be someone that has done something worse than you. Something that they can never forget, no matter how careless they seem on the outside. To them, it's just something that remains like a scar in their heart, that they can never erase. Whether it's the person standing next to you, the stranger across the street, or your own sibling, we're never going to know how they truly feeling deep inside. Although they don't express their feelings or react in a certain way after they make a mistake or do something horrible lik we do, they're still people - people that have feelings, and know what's right. They're people that want to do better, and feel dissapointed, especially when they know others are pointing fingers at them.

Despite the fact that you're the worst person in the world that has commited a myriad of crimes, know that you can always turn around and make a change in your life. That's we live life. We live to change, to learn, to improve, and just to do so many things. There really isn't anything we can't do, if we work hard. No matter how distant you've been from your family, no matter how many years you've slacked off in school and have failed to do decent in at least one class, no matter how many times you've dissapointed and scarred your loved ones, and no matter how many times you've come back to the same situation feeling hopeless.... know that there is a way out of making the same mistakes you've wanted to avoid. It's not impossible to change and fix all those things you've dealt with. As long as you take the first step - realizing that you need to do better, then you can reach your goals.

Regardless of how serious the situation is for someone or how positive they are with what they're dealing with, regardless of how much they seem to be trying.... they're just the same as us. They've just gone over the line, and are lost with what they have to do. They're people that can do amazing things that probably you and I couldn't even do. They're still people with potential, that can shine with their talents through effort. It's just that they're stuck in the same place, all the time. Some of them have already given up on trying and have turned ignorant and stubborn, others are still working hard to break bad habits and to prove to everyone that they are something, and some are blind to the reasons why others look down on them, but that's why there has to be a really good person to willingly accept them for who they really are, instead of becoming another best friend who loves them when they're spending them with without even knowing all of their flaws and mistakes. We have to help others and be patient with how they learn, with their reactions when they encounter epiphanies, and with supporting them unconditionally. If we were in need, that's what we would want as well, so why can't we do the same towards others? It's definitely a hard thing to support someone when they're doing the wrong things, but if you show them that you care enough to teach them what's right and wrong and what they should do, they will come to appreciate you sooner or later.

If you prove to someone that you want to help them and that you want to be a part of their life, they're going to have hope. If you are willing to wait for them to realize what they were blind to, and guide them in the right direction, the least they could do for you is thank them for changing their life, and making them feel that who they were wasn't a mistake. It's people like them that still need at least one person to care for them, and let them know that they believe in them because everyone needs a hand when they're in trouble. On the outside, it may seem like one is having the time of their life and is totally oblivious to the decisions that affect their life, but on the inside.... they have thoughts and regrets they ponder about time to time. Everyone needs to realize that you never know how someone is really feeling, or what they're thinking about, because it's something that remains deep down inside. What's inside another's heart no one can reach or fully comprehend, because it's not them that are in that place. Everyone expresses their emotions - whether it be gratitude, appreciation, sympathy, anger, dissapointment, or sadness, in different ways.

The message of the blog is, you shouldn't give up on anyone, because they're just the same as you - no better or less. They would thank you just as you thanked the individual that helped you out when you were in need. It's never impossible for someone to turn around and straighten up. It just takes time and their own effort. Be patient and continue to discipline and love them, because love is the leading cure for anything.

Let people take their time. No one is rushing them.

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