Friday, March 27, 2009

Evaluation on TV

TV's have been around for decades, and people watch them on a regular daily basis. People have certain shows they love to watch, and so they tweak their schedules to make time to watch those episodes. TV's are a main source of entertainment to children and adults. When you're bored, tired, hungry, or even hungry.... TV always seems to be the answer. It seems to be the cure for baby-sitting, and especially for boredom. Although TV's are big in communication and seem to entertain people, there are a lot of negative things that follow along with the simple pleasures as well.

Sometimes, watching TV becomes a habit and can form into an addiction. Eyes are glued to the screen, and children become couch potatoes, sitting on the couch for hours - eating chips, cookies, ice cream, junk food, and even skipping family meals to watch an episode. It's so easy for TV to take over one's life. I mean, if you constantly crave to watch TV every single day, and you can't go on a day without watching your favorite show.... that's a problem. But if you just watch at the most an hour of TV a few days a week, that's fine. But I personally, don't watch TV. It's just every now and then during break, I take the time to watch about 30 minutes of any random channel that's on the TV. Then I get up and usually go practice my instrument or I sleep in. I don't even have a certain show that I watch daily or weekly. My parents never provided cable for my brother and I, because they didn't want us to be influenced by inappropriate things and "waste time" when we had other priorities to take care of. When I was kid, I always wanted to watch TV. I thought it was unfair that everyone else had cable except for me. If my friends came over my house, they would always ask, "Hey, so do you watch LOST? I love Survivor! Did you watch that last night?" and my brother & I would always have to reply, "We don't have cable." I never really took into consideration that watching TV for too long was a "waste of time," quoted from my parents. I thought it was only normal for people to watch at least 1-2 hours of their favorite shows everyday, and discuss about them the next day with their friends. Actually.... it's just a bad habit that society has adapted to. Overall, connecting to my past has allowed me to appreciate and be thankful for what my parents have done. Although as a kid I complained about not being able to watch TV everyday and not having cable, if it weren't for my parents.... I'd probably have my eyes glued to the screen everyday. Therefore, I don't think TV is the best way to use time or even turn to as a source of entertainment. There are plenty of other ways to have fun while being productive. As long as you don't sit on the couch for over 2 hours watching TV everyday, it's fine and it won't do you any harm.

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