Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evaluation on High School Relationships.

Many people have been in fun, blissful high school relationships, and many have been had their hearts broken as well. High school relationships are common to have in your teenage years but unfortunately, they can be dangerous and bring negative changes as well. Relationships are always fun, and to spend time with "that special someone" is always another memory to cherish, and would never be considered a waste of time. It's because you like that person and have mutual feelings for them. But even though relationships are enjoyable, memorable, and make you feel like you're the happiest or even luckiest person in the world.... they always end. Especially high school relationships. Why do I say that? It's because high school relationships are frivolous, and teenagers are so young to fully comprehend what true love is. They don't know the basics of responsibility, of truly supporting another person than themselves, and sacrificing. Teenagers are still kids, and not adults.

As I said before, I believe that high school relationships are frivolous. People don't take them seriously, and they aren't real. Sure, they will always remain as good memories to reminiscence every now and then.... but they aren't that important at that age. They shouldn't be thought about 24/7, because isn't that just a waste of time? It's a waste of the person you are too, because you're wishing to be with someone else, when you should be worried about doing your best. Even if a couple considered themselves serious in a relationship, high school students are most likely not responsible and mature enough to control themselves. Isn't that why girls get pregnant? Isn't that the reason why students fail classes, because they lose their minds and forget about everything but that one person? I think it's best to focus on yourself, your goals, and school at such a young age because that's when you're still growing, and building a foundation for your future. If you slack off during that time.... you miss all the opportunities, and you lack so many standards that your classmates earned while you were mentally off-task. And even if a couple was dating for all their 4 years of high school, it would extremely difficult emotionally & mentally to continue that relationship, because once they enter college... they have to live independent lives when they're attached to one another and incomplete. But you see, college is a place where you really have to know where you stand, and who you are. If you aren't using all of your potential and carrying independence, it's going to be challenging to keep up with such a rigorous and demanding environment. Overall, I'm not saying high school relationships are totally unecessary, and are for slackers. I'm just saying... they're just for fun, and even though at that age you say that you're in love, you're only 14-18. You haven't experienced a lot of things in life yet because you still have a far way to go. But it's possible that you have deep feelings for another individual, or become infatuated for someone. Anyways... my point is that, high school relationships will not last forever and as a student, one connection between a person shouldn't take control over your life decisions.

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