Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ode to the Nice.

*I wrote this from coming across a public blog about "nice guys." My eyes slowly scrolled up the screen, and it was interesting how his latest post was labeled, "Ode to the Nice Guys." My title "Ode to the Nice" is created from his title. And his post was not only very entertaining [with a few sarcastic phrases every now and then], but it was very interesting to read. Well, I've never been in a relationship and never plan to until I hit college. Anyways, the author of the blog had a point in what he was saying, and I decided to add on more of my thoughts to it."

This is a tribute to all the nice guys & girls. The nice that finish last, that undergo hours of complaining and whining about how annoying certain guys/girls are, and the nice that agree to be used constantly when they know they’re nothing more than just a friend. This is dedicated to the nice girls and guys that will always be waiting for the call on the other line when they know the girl/guy will grunt & complain when they realize you’ve been calling the 3rd time. This is in honor of the nice that are always willing to open up and be prepared to be taken advantage of from the start, and used in all ways.

This is for the nice that put on a brave smile plastered on their face so the world doesn’t discover their pain. This is for the guys that hold open doors and know girls will be fishing for compliments but give them out anyways. And this is for the guys that play by the rules even when the game is invented for cheaters.

This is for the girls that desperately search for him in a sea of people and feel happy just to know they replied with nothing but a simple “hi” when you asked them how life was going and if they ever needed anything – support, encouragement, and just someone. This is for the girls that invite him over because he needs to talk about his conceited, self-centered girlfriend. This is for the girls that always annunciate that there will always be someone perfect out there for him, and that he just needs to look around carefully, when secretly inside they wished it was them.

This is for the times when you stayed up all night worrying about him/her when you found out that he/she was out with their friends & acquaintances not even leaving a simple “sorry” text message as a hint of guilt. This is for the times when you couldn’t go on a day without thinking about her/him, and trying to put yourself in their place to see if they actually cared about you.

The nice will always be ignored, manipulated, and abandoned for their unwanted love and compassion. Many guys and girls will come out to be illogical and a lying freak. When they claim they want to date a “nice guy,” the “funny, understanding guy” or a “modest, independent” girl the answer always turns out to be, “oh he would be a good boyfriend but he’s not for me,” or the most commonly used phrase, “ no, it would ruin our friendship.” Excuses.Excuses.Excuses. Yet, they continue to use their nice girl/guy friends and bring them to parties so they can use them as a flirtatious tool in front of the public.

When will society ever grow out of this “nice girl/guy finishes last” train?

You see, the nice guys never get the girls. The nice girls never get the guys. It’s a tough life for the “nice” that are always overlooked, underestimated, unappreciated, and abandoned. But the world needs your tolerance of all the crazy & absurd situations, for your humble kindness as a nameless hero, and for your patience in believing with a broken heart. You’re just the backstage that makes the world stand in its place, being invisibly credited as the grandest to society.

There will be the one in a million times when the nice girl meets the nice guy and they stick together till the end. That’s probably the best way to simply describe a perfect couple. But perfect is hard to come by.

Everyone will have their own time to encounter their soul mate, whether it is a nice girl or a nice guy. So to the “nice”….. until those guys/girls are found, in honor of everything you did, I dedicate this long, informative blog to all of you. You know who you are, and I know you’re sick of always being labeled the nice, caring, and sweet girl or guy. Guaranteed, the perfect girl/guy is waiting patiently for you to coincidentally meet them during your tiring travels of chasing pavements, because there will always be that one person that will have your heart, even if you’ll never see it coming because you were too blinded from the sickness of the past mistreatment and pain.

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LoveatFirstSight 8^] said...

Oh em gee. This blog totally hit me hard on what I'm going through right now, my dear. I don't know why I didn't read this earlier. I can't really describe or explain in blog comment, but mahn... I can relate and have tons of comments in here.

"One day in our lives we'll find ourselves in the arms of the ones we were meant to be"-Anonymous.

I hope those who are nice and look for that "one perfect" guy/girl gets what they been waiting for ONLY if they deserve it. ONLY if God's finds it willing. Ily, E.Y.=]