Friday, April 8, 2011

This draft has been empty.

So I will fill it with thoughts of mine. a lot of amazing things have happened this school year and a lot of not-so amazing things have happened as well. But at least there's a balance. I've gotten to know a lot more about IB and have befriend many people. I've also lost connection with a lot of peers as well.

This school year was definitely an emotional roller coaster for me. That's all I can say.

I hope next year, (although things won't get any easier), it'll be a time for me to finally look back on all my years of hard work I put in ever since I was in elementary school up until now. I hope all my hard work pays off the way I imagined it to be when I was a kid. I really do think I deserve it, based on all the sacrifices I've made and amount of support my parents given for my future.
I'm happy for the new friends I have and the different kinds of people I have met. and to be honest, for some reason, I'm not that sad at all for those who have drifted apart from me. It's life. If they're meant to be, something will happen. If not, life goes on.

THE SAT, SAT SUBJECT TESTS, CALC AP EXAM, SL CALC IB EXAM, and UPCOMING MATH COMP. These upcoming dates are crucial. Along with Math club, LiNK chapter, NHS, church orchestra, and upcoming performances, I still find ways to be happy. And I'm happy I'm finally able to maintain that balance this year. Without my friends, I don't think I would have been able to. ................... but sometimes I wish I just started the piano at 3 or even 6. then I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't even be considering the ib diploma or thinking about academics. I would have been attending a music academy and my mentors would be music professors. It's too late to even dream about that now. I got to find another passion. I just hope it comes soon enough, because time is only passing faster and faster.

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