Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where words fail, music speaks.

"Your worst enemy is yourself. You will not succeed in the stock market if you failed to control yourself. How many times have you told yourself to go to the gym the next morning at 7, but changes your mind at 6.45. How many times have you tried to control your diet, but eat like a glutton when you are at the dinning table? How many times have you tried to stop drinking alcohol and stop smoking but failed. Discipline, do you have it?
You may surround yourself with the best books, learned all about the stock market technique or strategies, subscribe to the most expensive newsletters; buy a 5000-dollar winning system, and yet find yourself none the better for them; simply because you have failed to discipline your mind and thus your action.
Discipline, patience and wisdom are traits you must instill in yourself before you can succeed. Of course you must have knowledge as well."

People try too hard to impress others. All their hard work, effort, and sacrifice is sometimes for the praise and recognition from their peers. To prove others wrong, or to simply put them down and discourage them. I think differently.

When I see my friends, classmates, acquaintences, and even adults, I can clearly see the hard workers, kind-hearted, the hypocrites, the exaggeraters, and the liars. I can separate the difference between a humble person who gives their utmost best for self-improvement compared to one who works hard, cheating their way through just for the compliments, feelings of victory, and attention. I can somewhat predict the future for those who earn, and those who fake their way through.

Many people don't realize that the direction for success is simple. The process may be long, stressful, and unbearable, but good things are earned through hard work, and nothing more. There is only way to succeed. It is to give it your all - with no excuses, lies, and cheating. One must be extremely cruel, strict, and unforgiving to their self. One must be sensative to their mistakes and downfalls, yet they must learn to accept, move on, and regain their determination.

And all these things require something that every human being struggles with. Self-discipline.

Discipline is when you put your phone away from texting to study for your test. Discipline is when you choose practice over friends. Discipline is when you do the right thing in silence, and not infront of a crowd. Discipline is the hunger for earning and not cheating on the simplest things. Discipline is when one has control over their actions, because they want do their best in giving the best. Discipline does not include hypocritical, exaggerating, and twisted words. Discipline is nothing but pure honesty to oneself and their promises. Discipline is keeping one's mouth shut when they have the slightest doubt. Discipline is talking as much as the capacity of your knowledge, and nothing more. Discipline is knowing when to accept mistakes, and gaining knowledge and the will to work harder from the experience. Discipline is knowing when you have the right to complain, and take a break. Discipline is the responsibility of keeping to one's own word, regardless of how tempting it is to break it. Discipline is doing the things you hate and pushing forward, because you know it'll all amount to something in the end. Discipline is the stubborness and undying perseverence to get through hell. Discipline is knowing one is only as good as their weakest link. Discipline is nothing but cruelty, strictness, pain, and endless work that brings success and the cultivation of nothing but the amount of success they truly earn.

How often do you talk on the phone? How many hours of TV do you watch? Do you go on facebook? Do you go on myspace for hours everyday? Do you sleep right when you get home? Do you hang out with friends when you know you have that project left to finish? Do you chat with friends online while doing your homework? Do you put your social groups and friends first rather than education and priorities? Do you get angry and frustrated before trying to comprehend something you wouldn't be able to understand? Do you slam your textbooks, put your head down on the desk and contemplate why you can't do this or that, why you can't do anything right? Do you have constant self evaluations, and realize that you never follow any of your plans?

There is no other solution but consistent discipline. Discipline will never fail you. Never. People think they have the strongest discipline on themselves. Sometimes they think they work hard, give their all, when really half the time they're doubting, complaining, wasting time, and being negative. We're never perfect in what we do. But we can always try. Everything that happens in the future is because of our actions, decisions, habits, and the amount of effort we put forth in the past.

The first step towards any goal is discipline - the promise to keep a promise to oneself. Keeping promises aren't easy. But that's the only way you'll ever reach goals.

not everyone is cruel and strict on their themselves. This procastination, easy-going, and slacking method is not going to amount to anything in the future. Years from now, the habits and exaggerations people carry now will make an immense difference from the person who filled every minute with their best. Time is such a precious thing. Not everyone will know how to use it constructively.

And that is why not everyone is able to succeed.


Penelope said...

You have inspired me.

sandra lee said...

unni you are so amazing, i love how you can just speak out your mind so freely and just words flow out of you like this. you make it look so easy. all your post give me inspiration + movivation, ahah helping me finish off the year strong. i love you unni! (: